College of Arts and Sciences

Ancient Studies

Vandalia Conference 2016

Vandalia is a graduate symposium that gives students working in the field of late antiquity and the early medieval period an opportunity to present some of their current research to other graduate students and faculty from Indiana University, The Ohio State University, and The University of Michigan. Indiana University is hosting this years coference (see schedule below). Student presenters will talk for around 20 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of discussion. The keynote speaker is Professor Raymond van Dam from the University of Michigan, who will deliver a talk entitled "A Lost Panegyric: Constantine's Arrival at Rome in 312."

Friday, September 16 , 2016 (all talks in Ballantine Hall 006)

2:00-2:50 Martin Shedd, Indiana University, "Inventing Free Speech: Authority and Genre in the Historia Augusta"

3:00-3:50 Scott Kennedy, The Ohio State University, "Thucydides the rhetor: reading Thucydides in the late antique classroom"

4:00-4:50 Paolo Maranzana, The University of Michigan, "The end of the Roman city in Central Anatolia: the case of Pessinus"

6:30 Dinner, Deliyannis house

Saturday, September 17, 2016

9:00-9:50 David DeVore, Ball State University, "Opening the Canon of Martyr Narratives: Second-Century Martyrdom Discourse and the Fragments of Hegesippus"

10:00-10:50 Michael Beshay, The Ohio State University, "The Virgin of Power: An Alternative View of Mary and Late Antique Asceticism"

11:00-11:50 Abby Kulisz, Indiana University, "Remebering the Christians of Persia: Toward a Discussion of Trauma, Violence, and Late Antique Narrative"

11:50-1:00 lunch for conference participants

1:00-2:35 Raymond van Dam, The University of Michigan, "A Lost Panegyric: Constantine's Arrival in Rome 312"