College of Arts and Sciences

Ancient Studies


The list below is meant to serve as a quick reference for available courses that count toward the PhD minor in Ancient Studies. For times, location, and faculty please see the Office of the Registrar Schedule of Classes.

Fall 2017

Art History

ARTH-A 626 Problems in Byzantine Art (Bassett)

Central Eurasian Studies

CEUS-R 559 State and Faith in Iranian Societies: Sources, Scholarship, Research (Choksy)

CEUS-R 597 Empires of the Silk Road (Beckwith)

Classical Studies

CLAS-G 510 Greek Historians (Christ)

CLAS-L 536 Graduate Latin Survey (Leach)

CLAS-L 407 Roman Lyric and Elegy (de Boer)


HIST-H 610/710 Colloquium in Medieval History (Deliyannis)

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

NELC-E 505 Ancient Egyptian History and Civilization (Vinson)