College of Arts and Sciences

Ancient Studies


Name Department Research Areas
Balint, Bridget Classical Studies Late Latin literature and poetics
Bannon, Cynthia Classical Studies Roman law, history, and literature
Bassett, Sarah Art History Late Antique, Early Byzantine aesthetics; late antique portraiture; early Christian icons; urbanism
Beck, Bill Classical Studies Ancient Greek Literature and Culture; Homeric Epic, Homeric Scholia, Ancient Greek Literary Criticism
Beckwith, Christopher Central Eurasian Studies History and linguistics of ancient through early medieval Central Eurasia and interaction with the Middle East and East Asia
Blackwell, Nicholas Classical Studies Art and archaeology of Greece and the eastern Mediterranean; Aegean Bronze Age; ancient technology and craftwork; cross-cultural interactions
Caner, Daniel Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures Late Antique social and cultural history; Early Byzantium; Eastern Christianity, monasticism and ascetic culture; hagiography
Choksy, Jamsheed Central Eurasian Studies Central Asia; the Near East; Iranian studies
Christ, Matthew Classical Studies Greek historiography; Athenian rhetoric and law; Athenian democracy
Deliyannis, Deborah History Late Antique and early medieval western Europe; historiography; architecture and urban history
Draper, Kenneth Classical Studies Roman literacy and cultural history, Latin lyric; genre, intertextuality, and reception
Elliott, Colin History Ecological and economic integration in the ancient and late antique Mediterranean; money, its meaning and uses in the Roman Empire; the application of economic and social theory to classical antiquity
Frischer, Bernard Informatics Archaeoinformatics; Virtual Heritage; Virtual Worlds in teaching and research
Hasler, Laura Religious Studies History of the Book, Ancient Judaism, gender and sexuality in antiquity, American Biblical interpretation
King, Stacie Anthropology Ancient & Colonial Mexico, household archaeology, identity, food practices, soundscapes, social theory; ancient comparative civilizations
Marks, Herbert Comparative Literature
Mazurek, Lindsey Classical Studies Roman art and archaeology in the provinces; ancient religion
McPhee, Brian Classical Studies Hellenistic poetry; ancient epic
Meadows, Katy Philosophy Ancient Greek philosophy
Mebane, Julie Classical Studies Roman political thought and its reception, civil war, metaphor and figurative language, the reception of classical antiquity in 19th century historiography, gender and sexuality
Mokhtarian, Jason Religious Studies Ancient Judaism
Monaghan, G. William Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Geoarchaeology; geomorphology/quaternary geology; hydrogeology/environmental geology; computer mapping/spatial analysis/GIS
Newman, William History and Philosophy of Science Ancient chemistry; alchemy; natural philosophy
Pyburn, K. Anne Anthropology Comparative ancient civilizations; archaeological ethics
Robinson, Eric History Greek history; democracy outside Athens; Sparta
Scheiber, Laura L. Anthropology Zooarchaeology; archaeological theory and practice
Schott, Jeremy Religious Studies Religions of the Late Ancient and Early Medieval/Byzantine Mediterranean and Near East
Schrempp, Gregory Folklore and Ethnomusicology Comparative mythology, Oceania, North America
Van der Laan, Sarah Comparative Literature  
Van Voorhis, Julie Art History Roman sculpture; classical art
Vinson, Stephen Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures Ancient Egyptian languages and literature; History of Graeco-Roman Egypt
Vogt, Nick East Asian Languages and Cultures Early Chinese history and religion; archaeology of ritual; inscriptions and manuscripts
Walbridge, John Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures Islamic Philosophy and History

Faculty Emeriti

Name Department Research Areas
Brophy, James
Geological Sciences Petrology
Conrad, Geoffrey
Anthropology Archaeology; comparative ancient civilizations; museum anthropology
Eisenberg, Paul
Philosophy Plato; history of ethics
Hansen, William
Classical Studies Mythology
Long, Timothy
Classical Studies
†Leach, Eleanor Winsor
Classical Studies Literary theory for Latin texts; visual art; Roman painting; art and archaeology
Morgan, Michael
Philosophy Plato and Aristotle; ancient philosophy
Nagle, Betty Rose Classical Studies Classical mythology
Vitelli, Karen