College of Arts and Sciences

Ancient Studies


The list below is meant to serve as a quick reference for available courses that count toward the PhD minor in Ancient Studies. For times, location, and faculty please see the Office of the Registrar Schedule of Classes.

Spring 2020


ANTH-P 507 Archaeological Curation (Sievert)

ANTH-P 600 Seminar In Prehistoric Archaeology: Archaeology of Central Asia (Pyburn)

Art History

ARTH-A 501 Topics in Ancient Art: Art and Archaeology of Ancient Rome (Samuels)

The above class meets with ARTH-A 410, CLAS-C 421, and CLAS-C503

ARTH-A 616 Problems in Ancient Art: Shaky Ground: Foundations and Fault Lines in the Histories of Ancient Art (Van Voorhis)

Classical Studies

CLAS-C 503 Topics in Ancient Art: Topography and Monuments of Rome (Samuels)

CLAS-G 517 Readings in Greek Tragedy (Foster)

CLAS-L 505 Latin Grammar, Comp, and Rapid Reading (Bannon)

CLAS-L 523 Intro to Vergil's Aeneid (Balint)

CLAS-L 537 Survey of Latin Literature 2 (Mebane)


GER-G 632 Gothic (Gade)


HIST-H 605/705 Colloquium/Seminar in Ancient History: Money and Coinage in the Roman World (Elliott)

Jewish Studies

JSTU-H 500 Topics in Jewish Studies: The Past in the Present: Social Memory, Jewish Position (Dekel)

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

NELC-E 590 Directed Readings in Egyptology (Vinson)

NELC-E 650 Late Egyptian (Vinson)

NELC-E 670 Demotic Egyptian II (Vinson)

NELC-N 695 Graduate Topics in NELC: Byzantium (Caner)

NELC-N 695 Graduate Topics in NELC: Greek and Near Eastern Religions (Caner)


PHIL-P 595 Ancient Philosophy, Greek, Latin Texts (Ludwig)

PHIL-P 541 Selected Topics in History of Ethics: Virtue Ethics: Plato to Annas (Wood)

PHIL-P 710 Sem Topics in History of Philosophy: Aristotle's Metaphysics Lambda (Meadows)

Religious Studies

REL-R 511 Religion of Ancient Israel: Jews, Chrstns, Others Late Antiq (Mokhtarian)

REL-R 736 Advanced Readings-Early Christian Texts (Furey)